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Online marketing the aggressive marketer

Marketing professionals have tried every gimmick possible, to get their products and services to sell. From the age old “Town crier” carrying placards on either side of his torso,ringing his bell, walking down the streets and shouting hoarse giving onlookers the information they would need to sway their decisions to buy.

Then the idea of a proliferation of colourful point of sale materials, splashed on every conceivable eye catching wall, lamp post or tree defacing public property was born. When the authorities promulgated laws to stop this practice, and a sense of discipline to the profession was inculcated the “Billboards” started to dot the skyline along highways, on buildings and on any space with the maximum visibility.

With competition becoming intense, any professional marketer worth his salt wanted the maximum market share for the product he was selling. Brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers and other printed matter began prostituting marketing strategies around the world, by aggressive marketers.

Marketing became a trillion dollars industry and the rat race began to be “the early bird, to catch the first worm”. The dawn of the internet and with it the three major players Google, Yahoo and Bing developed their three search engines and today marketing has been elevated onto a new platform.

Online marketing has become one of the major medians used for aggressive marketing strategies. Using the digital marketing media and search engine optimization orSEO marketing professionals are bringing products and services to the fingertips of their consumers. A digital marketing agency using these resources could provide good value for money to their clients.

A seo company with experience, integrity and hard work bombarding prospective consumers with aggressive search engine marketing or sem techniques day in and day out is sure to sway the consumer their way.

Melbourne seo with a very diverse clientele base and the leader in the seo services business have innovated some very aggressive but ethical search marketing campaigns, for their discerning clients.

Using state of the art marketing software, backed by some very talented and experienced designers and developers Melbourne seo has brought online marketing of their clients to levels of success hitherto never achieved by their competition. Using every channel available from the internet, to wireless text messaging, to mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards and digital television they have been nothing but a story of success.


Sri lankans at the helm with the best jobs

The late nineteen sixties and early seventies saw many Sri Lankans leaving the shores of their motherland and seeking greener pastures elsewhere, especially in the west. With the liberalization of the Sri Lankan economy which we popularly call the “open economy” in the late nineteen seventies job opportunities in Sri Lanka increased manifold. With new job vacancies opening up in many industries the amount of qualified and skilled personnel to fill those vacancies became dear. There were some topjobs that the Sri Lankan work force was not having the required skills, to fill. This saw a need for the younger generation to equip themselves with the required qualifications and skills.

Many foreign Universities started here to fill the void that the local universities were unable to bridge. These teaching institutes created more new Sri Lankan jobs whilst providing a platform which was internationally recognized to bring new skills for young Sri Lankans. The flood gates opened for quality education to flow into the country and the younger generation grasped it with open arms.

Armed with the right qualifications Sri Lankans were able to get the necessary skills to succeed in top jobs. There were now more new jobs opening up in all spheres and with the boom in the economy things turned to a brighter side. The international community started taking notice of this new surge in Sri Lanka and found that Sri Lankan jobs were paying remunerations and offering perks on par with accepted norms in other countries.

This sudden surge opened up many jobs in Sri Lanka and the unemployment rate too started to take a appreciative nose drop. Now there was an air of expectancy, where if you are well qualified and experienced a top job Sri Lanka was a possibility.

Now with globalization making the world a much smaller place, there are ample jobs if you are armed with the right skills. To succeed in a top job is that much more, easier now.

Rakiyawa in the forefront helping employees and employers alike and bring the two together has proven their mettle by placing some talented individuals in some great new best jobs.

Rakiyawa will help you from the first step to embark on a lucrative career. We will help you present your skills in an accepted way by designing an exemplary CV, which would impress any prospective employer.